Thursday, November 19, 2020

Name Brand vs Store Brand: Diced Tomatoes

This was a tricky one to test. Diced tomatoes are a staple in our house but aren't something I'd usually taste. Walmart substituted a few of the items in my pickup order so I ended up with a few different flavors of tomatoes. Honestly, besides the flavor difference, I couldn't tell them apart.

Here's the price breakdown. Go with the flavor you want. Brand isn't a big deal in this case. 

BrandPriceAmount$ per oz
Great Value$0.7214.5 oz$0.05
Hunt's$0.9814.5 oz$0.07
Del Monte$0.9814.5 oz$0.07
RoTel$0.9810 oz$0.10
Red Gold$0.9214.5 oz$0.06

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