Sunday, November 22, 2020

How To Sleep Well At Night

 I have struggled off and on for years to get a good night sleep.  I am so grateful when I can sleep well, because it makes such a difference the next day in how I feel.  

I recently listened to something that I tried and was surprised how well I slept after trying it.  Usually, at the end of the day, I would reflect on my day and the things that I did.  I would analyze what went well and what didn't.  I would also focus on the things that I needed to change.  Now, instead of focusing on the things I need to do better or change, I focus only on the things I did well.  As you look at your day, you may not feel like you did many good things.  Maybe it just needs a different way of looking at it.  For example, instead of thinking that all I did was make breakfast, take care of the kids and do the dishes you can look at it this way:

Make Breakfast:  I served my family by making healthy food for their bodies.

Taking care of kids:  I served my children by taking care of their physical needs and helping them to learn how to work together in solving a problem.  I blessed my child's life by helping them learn....

Doing the Dishes:  I blessed my family's life by washing our dishes to keep us all safe from germs and keep our home a clean and safe environment.  

Anyway, you get the picture.  Focus on the things you did, and how they blessed other people that you have had contact with.  If you have a hard time thinking of things for the day, think of things for past week or month.  Focus on the good things you are doing and the ways you are blessing others, even in simple ways.  

As I have done this, I have also found that I focus on things I can do in the day to try to bless people in my life.  Maybe I will send a card to someone or a phone call that I may not have done if I wasn't focusing on it.  

Focus on all the good things you did well right before you go to bed.  You will find that you will sleep better and better as the days and weeks go by.  

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