Tuesday, November 10, 2020

$3 Per Day Grocery Budget: Proper Portions


Here is our latest video in the $3 Per Day Grocery Budget Series.  Eating proper portions is good for our health and our wealth.  It is something that is pretty easy to do, and you will feel better!

Here are some ideas to help with portion control:

1.  Order a smaller size.
2.  Plate meals ahead with proper portions.
3.  Don't put serving dishes on the table.
4.  Buy a portion control plate.
5.  Put veggies on half your plate, meat/beans on on fourth, and grains on the other fourth.
6.  If you are full, don't eat any more.
7.  Use smaller plates.
8.  Use the hand method for proper portion sizes.
9.  Eat a salad or healthy soup before your entree.
10.  Drink water BEFORE your meal.
11.  Order less when you go out to eat.
12.  Divide your meal in half when going out to eat, and put one of the halves immediately into a to go box before you eat.  
13.  Split a meal.
14.  Portion snacks ahead of time into single use bags.
15.  Finish all vegetables before eating other things.
16.  Measure your food until you are familiar with proper portion sizes.

By eating the proper amount, you will save money and improve your health.  

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