Monday, November 16, 2020

$3 Per Day Grocery Budget: Make Your Own Snacks


This is our newest video in the $3 Per Day Grocery Budget Series.  In this video, we explore the benefits of making your own snacks.  

For those who prefer just to read a post, the main points will be highlighted below:

Why Should We Make Our Own Snacks?  

Cost:  Most snacks are cheaper to make than to buy.  Homemade crackers, popcorn or chips are very inexpensive to make.  

Convenience:  You can make your own snacks whenever you want.  No need to go to the store in the evening if you are craving a certain snack.  Freeze some and have them readily available when the munchies hit you.

Choice/Creativity:  Snacks can be as easy as cutting some vegetables or fruit to eat.  You can choose the veggies you want.  You can choose what spices you want when you make your own snacks.  You can put nuts in or not, use milk chocolate chips or butterscotch chips.  

Health:  Avoid the artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives that we can’t even pronounce.  When you make your own treats and snacks, you know exactly what is in them.  Homemade snacks are healthier.  Store snacks are food products rather than food.  

Taste:  The quality of ingredients and the taste is better when you make your own snacks.  Making your own popcorn on the stove is so much better for you than the microwave popcorn they sell in the store.  

Control:  By making your own snacks, you control exactly what is in them.  

It may take time for you to learn to make snacks that taste great, but keep trying.  You can do it!  

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