Monday, November 2, 2020

$100 Christmas Budget: $1567 Retail Value for $58.35 for Gifts

 I recently looked back at the first time I did the $100 Christmas challenge.  I had written down everything I bought, and I was amazed to see how opportunities of all kinds come your way when you are trying to pay for Christmas on a limited budget.  I can't believe how much I got for the money I paid for it.  I also got lots of things for free.  I was lucky that our Hallmark stores were consolidating and they had 90 percent off their stuff if you bought it from the store they were closing.  The same things were full price at their other Hallmark store in the mall.  One of our grocery stores had also marked down games for 99 cents to clear them out.  Garage sales were also fantastic to find Disney Princess costumes in great condition, Build a Bear outfits, bears, etc.  Great opportunities are out there.  It is possible to do so much on a shoestring budget.  

Here is the breakdown if you are interested:


Build a bear with several outfits and shoes (gift for a young girl)

Four complete Disney Princess outfits with shoes, crowns, jewelry, etc.

Ninjago Lego set #9445

Star Wars ornament and Star Wars sticker book

Build a bear with four complete sports outfits (gift for a young boy)

Melissa and Doug puzzle set

Baby toy


Retail value:  $430    Amount spent:  $15


Silverware set for four

Five new Hallmark Puzzles

Killer Bunnies game with cards still in shrink wrap

Four restaurant gift cards

Willow Creek Holy Family, new

Case of 12 jars of homemade raspberry jam


Huckleberry jam and syrup

Two Hallmark princess ornaments, new

Three Star Wars ornaments, new

Shoes, new

Five Amazon gift cards

Star Wars decoration 


Electronic Snap Circuits kit

Robotics kit

Package of hot sauces from around the world

Two Walmart gift cards

Crabapple jelly

 Christmas ornament from local artist (re-gifting)

Used Ravensburger puzzle

Montana-themed ornaments like a boot, bear, etc.

Six games, new:  Phase 10 (2), Skip Bo (2), LRC Dice game (2)


Pair of pants

Pocket knife

Retail value:  $1567 +    Amount spent:  $58.35

If you are planning on doing a $100 Christmas this year, hopefully this will inspire you to realize that it really can be done.  You may have missed the summer garage sales, but there are all kinds of ideas and opportunities out there waiting for you.

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