Thursday, October 29, 2020

October Health Challenge: Three More Days - I Chose This

 Three more days left.  Yesterday was hard for some reason.  I did buy myself a 95 percent cocoa chocolate bar to try on November 1st.  It will probably be rather bitter, since there is almost no sugar in it, but at least I will have something I can eat in the future when I feel like I need some chocolate.  I am also hoping that I won't eat much of it, since it isn't as sweet, but at least I will have the choice to do so if I want.  Actually, as I have been writing this, I realized that I did choose to go without sugar.  No one forced me.  I am making the conscious choice myself.  That makes a difference.  I could go ahead and blow the challenge and eat sugar any time I want.  But, I have chosen not to.  I think it is important to always remember that we do have the choice.  I also need to remember that I don't ever have to eat something because it is offered.  I know we don't want to offend people when they offer things, but it can be done tastefully with gratitude for their kindness for their sharing.  If they choose to be offended, that is on them.  Maybe your example will help someone else to have the strength to do the same.  

I did buy my husband some chocolate for Halloween.  Usually we get Reese's peanut butter pumpkins or a large package of candy.  This year, I bought him just a single Reese's peanut butter cup.  When he saw it on the table, he said that it was the perfect size.  He could enjoy it on Halloween, but it wasn't too much.  Better choices.  Better health.  It is worth it.  

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