Wednesday, October 7, 2020

$100 Christmas: Sell Your Clutter to Pay for Christmas


How will I pay for Christmas?  If you don't have money, and have not been saving through the year for the holidays, don't fret.  There is an easy solution.  Sell some of your clutter and use the money to pay for Christmas.  Most of us have stuff around the house that we really don't like, don't need and don't want.  So, find your clutter and sell it.  You will also have a very nice, clean home when it is all done as well!  I tried this one year and was determined to have our Christmas on the money I made from selling stuff.  Luckily, we had some old furniture I didn't want any more.  That really helped.  There was also some sports gear and expensive brand named clothes that we bought at garage sales.  I took those to a second hand store and made a lot of money off of them.  It was great.  Those things weren't used or worn and it was so nice to get our whole Christmas from clutter we had around the house.  

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