Monday, September 7, 2020

Staying Away From Debt

 We went to replace our car yesterday.  Several years ago, we decided that we would only pay cash for cars from now on, so we have been saving for a while.  Make that a very long time.  Our last used car was purchased 10 years ago.  Our other car was made in 2000.  You get the picture.  After 210,000 miles and some car issues, we had to get a different car.  When we were at the car place, the salesman reminded us that there was zero percent interest on loans.  He said we would be crazy not to take advantage of it.  Well, we told him no.  We were bound and determined to stick to our guns and only pay cash.  I think you appreciate something more when you have to sacrifice for it.  Plus, living in these uncertain times, who would want to get into a loan?  It just isn't wise to be in debt right now.  So, even though it was tempting, we didn't do it.  It really is hard to wait sometimes, but it is worth it.  So, next time you want something, but don't have the cash, think twice and focus on how nice it will be when you have the money to pay cash for what you want.

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