Saturday, July 25, 2020

Online Shopping: Target and their SNEAKY Way of Charging you Shipping

I really like Target.  They seem nicer than Walmart and have better service for the most part.  But, lately I have been doing online shopping because of Covid.  I don't have a Target red card, but they do offer free shipping if you order a certain amount, which I believe is $35.  As I made my order, I noticed that they charged me for shipping YET AGAIN.  I wasn't about to pay 10 dollars for shipping, so I looked into it to see what was going on.  They had put some of my items as same day delivery instead of the regular delivery I had checked that I wanted.  I changed them to the regular deliver, and the charges came off.  That simple.  This has happened to me again and again.  So, next time you make a Target order, check into it to see if they are charging you extra charges.

I think I may check into getting a Red card.  As long as I regularly buy things from Target, it may be a good idea.  I saw that they even gave 5% off on some gift cards. 

Do you have a Target gift cartd?  What are the pros and cons you have experienced by having one?

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