Wednesday, July 29, 2020

31 Days of Bread in July: Dairy Free Crumpets

We have company now and it has been fun.  One person is dairy free, so I tried making crumpets and substituting the milk for coconut milk so they would be dairy free.  I didn't have any crumpet rings, so I heard that you can use tuna cans and open both sides and then clean them.  Well, that would have worked great if they only opened on both sides!  So, I found two cans in the recycling that were vegetable cans and used them.  My crumpets were smaller, but at least they worked.  One good thing about using a taller can was that I didn't have to wash it each time a crumpet was done.  I just turned it over and greased the other side to use.  Anyway, they may not be pretty, but it was fun to try!  And, our two year old dairy free child enjoyed them which is more important than what they looked like!

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