Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Coronavirus Cleaning Day 18: Shredding Papers We No Longer Need

Today I shredded more papers that we don't need any more.  We recently paid off our mortgage after living very frugally to pay a lot of extra money each month.  I am so grateful it is gone.  It wasn't easy to cut back, and it seemed like a marathon.  But, it is finally over.  Am I grateful!

So, to celebrate, I am shredding all of the old mortgage statements from the past several years.  We didn't do this until we got a document from the bank to show that it was paid in full.  So, don't get too shredding happy and shred papers you need before it is time! 

We took about 15 years to pay off our house.  That isn't too bad.  But, looking back, it would have been wiser to make the bigger payments in the begging when we were paying so much interest.  Oh well, live and learn.  For me it was very hard to make so many sacrifices for this when it seemed like it would NEVER end.  But, it has finally.  So, for those of you who feel like you can find a way to pay a little more each month, it is worth it when you finally get to the end. 

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