Thursday, January 16, 2020

Ziploc Bags - How Can I Live Without Them?

This is a new year and a chance to start again with new goals or refine the goals we have had in the past.  One goal I have had the past few years is to try to live a "Greener" life.  It is much easier said than done.  I have exceeded in some ways, such as reducing the amount of trash I produce and buying so many fewer things that are new from the store.  But, one of the things I have become used to using is Ziploc bags.  I love them and am having a very hard time eliminating them from my life.  I have washed out bags, time after time to reduce the amount I purchase, but I still purchased about 8 boxes over the year even with the efforts I made. 

Most of the bags are used when I freeze garden produce.  The other way I use them is when I freeze bread.  There are alternatives, such as freezing in containers or glass jars.  I could also do more canning instead of freezing.  I could freeze my bread in a pillow case like Bea from Zero Waste Home.  The widespread implementation of our refrigerators that we have now didn't take place until around the 1940's, so what did they do before then, that we are not doing now?  I am not sure I am ready to enter the world of salting, pickling, pressure-canning, etc.  I don't want to go to extremes and live without a refrigerator either.  But, there are some things that I can do to help live a more sustainable life.  Here are my goals for the year:

1.  Don't buy any more Ziploc bags.

2.  Finish up any cleaners I have in the house and then start using vinegar, baking soda, and Castile soap for most of my cleaning needs. 

3.  Take a cardboard box or reusable bags shopping.  No more bringing home plastic grocery bags, although there are so many uses for them. 

4.  Figure out ways to reduce my recycling items, such as making yogurt myself instead of buying yogurt from the store.

That is enough for this year.  If I try to do too much, I usually end up not succeeding at any of them.

What are your New Year's resolutions to live a more sustainable life? 

What challenges have you had?


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