Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Preparing to go Shopping: Step by Step Meal Plan and Shopping List

After going through the cupboards, freezer and refrigerator to see what I have first, I have chosen to make the following meals:

Vegetable Pizza
Asian Spinach Salad
Spinach and Feta Orzo
American Macaroni Salad   (I wouldn't try this one again...unless you really like vinegar)
Large green salad with Aunt Trish's dressing
Mediterranean turkey burgers, but substitute ground chicken
Warm Chicken and butter bean salad, but substitute great northern beans for butter beans
Hummus and homemade pita bread

I made substitutions above because I already had something on hand that would work.  You can see I am using the spinach from our garden in a few recipes.  Last week I bought tahini, so I have it available for the hummus and the Babaganoush.  Crescent rolls are on sale and so is broccoli, so I am making the vegetable pizza since I already have some cream cheese and grated cheese.  I just need to buy a tiny bit of cauliflower for it.  I am trying several new recipes since it is easy to get sick of making the same things week after week.

Now that I have my menu planned, I will write down the ingredients that I need.  I also write down about how much I think it will cost.  I always estimate on the high side.

2.0  Little bits of Cauliflower and bacon (salad bar)
3.0  Milk
1.5  Three lemons
3.0  Parmesan cheese
3.0  Eggplant
0.5  2 stalks of celery
1.0  Red onion
1.5  Red pepper
1.0  Green pepper
2.5  Feta cheese

19.0  total

Since the cereal sale and the eggs last week were so good, I decided to get some before they went off sale last night.  My husband and I went together so we could each get the limit of 6.  We will not eat all this cereal.  We still have 4 boxes left over from last week as well.  I am just stockpiling because I can get them at a rock bottom price.  I also bought a couple of other things.

5.94  6 boxes of cereal  (me)
5.94  6 boxes of cereal  (husband)
 .45  Tomato
1.38  Two cartons of eggs at 69 cents each

Spent so far:  $14.70
Amount needed for groceries this week:  $19.00
Amount left to buy lost leaders and extra produce:  $$16.30

The next thing I do is to write down the best sales of each store.  After writing these things down, I choose what I will buy with the rest of the money for the week.


Chicken  1.69 per pound
Broccoli  99 cents per pound
Green peppers  59 cents per pound  (notice I will need one from my list above - good price!)


Blueberries  4 pints for $5
Sour cream 1.00
Cottage cheese  1.00


Fruit snacks 99 cents and 1.25 depending on the brand
Seasoning/gravy packets  25 cents each
Yoplait yogurt  3/$1.00
Paper towels  25 cents each, limit of 12
Crescent rolls 75 cents
Canned tomatoes, beans, green beans and corn 50 cents each

Before I decide what to get with my extra money, I will wait until tomorrow, since there is one more store that I regularly go to that has good sales.  To be continued.....

I went shopping and bought the following:

5.29  Flour 10 lbs.
4.00  Whole rotisserie chicken
 .59   Green pepper
 ,30  Bacon bits from the salad bar
 .12  Chicken from the salad bar
1.01  Broccoli
2.04  Cauliflower head
1.77  Lemons  3 at 59 cents each
2.49  Eggplant
1.69  Milk, 1/2 gallon
2.99  Feta cheese
1.00  Tilamook yogurt, reduced at 25 cents each
3.06  Parmesan cheese
 .59  Red onion
 .35  Mushrooms
 .18  2 stalks of celery
 .99  Red pepper

Add to it the cereal and eggs at $14.70

Grand total of $44.38

I still have $5.62 left, which I won't spend right away.  The only other thing I NEED is some crescent rolls on sale for 75 cents.  I will either buy some of the loss leader items this week or some reduced produce.

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