Tuesday, July 26, 2016

One Less Thing A Day 2016

In the past several years, I have tried to get rid of one thing per day.  It is amazing how many things are in your home that you really don't need.  I am going to go ahead and start it again this month. For some people, getting rid of just one thing per day is a better strategy than getting rid of a lot of things at once.  You can start with the easy items to get rid of and later get to the things that are harder to decide what to do with.  It takes less than 5 minutes to get rid of one item.  If getting rid of things is hard for you, this may be a good method to use:  one thing each day.  The decision is easy and done so quickly.

Have you replaced your dishes recently?  If so, now is the time to get rid of the old dishes.  One in, one out.  Did you buy a new water bottle?  One in, one out.  Do you have clothing in your closet that doesn't fit you any more or is stained and has holes?  Get rid of one item today.  When was the last time you went through your medicine cabinet and checked expiration dates?  Now is the time to see what you have and replace the outdated items.  Little by little, you will see how nice it is not to have extra clutter around your home.

July 2016

1.  Water bottle
2.  Pencil sharpener
3.  Roll of tape
4.  Knife
5.  Knife
6.  Knife
7.  Water bottle
8.  Water bottle
9.  Book
10.  Book
11.  Ceramic Dish
12.  Socks
13.  Socks
14.  Socks
15.  Socks
16.  Expired coupons
17.  Cloth napkin
18.  Book
19.  Book
20.  Book
21.  Ceramic Dish
22.  Neosporin past date
23.  Ibuprofen past date
24.  Tylonel past date
25.  Epsom salts
26.  Old vitamins
27.  Another Ibuprofen past date
28.  Another Neosporin past date
29.  Blanket
30.  Suitcase
31.  Carry on bag


1.  Backpack
2.  Blanket
3.  Quilt
4.  Duvet cover
5.  Sham
6.  Another Sham
7.  Coat
8.  Table cloth
9.  Blanket
10.  Cutting Board
11.  Pot
12.  Hangers
13.  Suitcase
14.  Misc. office supplies
15.  Pants
16.  Shirt

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