Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Do You Really Need Your Own?

We got rid of a few more DVD's this week.  I could find them both online for free, so why do I need to take up space in my own home storing them when they are at my fingertips for free  any time I want them?  We now have between 10 and 15 DVD's, which is about half of what we had a few years ago, but probably more than we need still.  Little by little, they are being donated to the library so everyone can enjoy them instead of only our family.

It seems like DVD's are a great example of something that many people think they need their own copy of.  As soon as a new DVD hits the store, people go out to buy their own copy for less than $20.  After all, it is a much better deal than going out to the movies and paying between $8-$10 per person for a ticket.  Add on the concessions to that and it can be rather pricey.  But, how many times do you really watch the DVD?  Once?  Twice?  Even though the $20 may be less than going to the movies, it is still money spent that isn't necessary.  You can easily get the movie through Redbox for $1.20 and save $18.80.  Want to watch it again a few weeks later?  Rent it again for $1.20 and you still save money.  You are still $17.60 ahead of what you would have had if you had purchased it.  Are you thinking that it isn't a substantial savings?  Take that number and times it by the number of DVD's you have in the house and then ask yourself the same question.  If you have 20 DVD's, and you watch each movie only once, the savings becomes 376 dollars.  If you have 20 DVD's, and watch each movie twice, the savings become 352 dollars.  Most people who buy DVD's have more than 20.  What if you have 100 DVD's?  The savings would be $1,880 if you watch each movie once.  If you watch each movie twice, the savings would be $1,760.  Think twice before buying that $20 DVD next time.  It can really add up to significant savings by just renting it.  Better yet, get it through your library to rent for free.  You can watch it multiple times and not have to pay anything.  Another free option would be to borrow the movie from a friend who chooses to buy DVD's when they come out in the store.  You can even invite them over to spend the evening and watch it together.  You won't have the clutter in your home, you can be more earth friendly by renting, sharing or checking out, and you save a lot of money in the long run.

This article, titled "The Thrift Store Can Be Your (Nearly Free) Storage Unit" got me thinking about this same concept in other areas.  DVD's, Books and CD's can be checked out for free from the library.  You can get free electronic copies of books to read from libraries now as well.    If you insist on having your own copy, then get a digital copy instead.  You can also download songs on I-tunes and just pay for the songs you want. Do you need your own fertilizer spreader?  Why not trade the use of something you have for the use of something your neighbor has?  If we worked together as neighbors, and shared what we have, we would all be better off in the long run.  People now even share cars and even share homes.  There are many things that we all don't need one of our own.  Figure out what you have that you don't "need" one of yourself and sell those things or donate them instead.  It will make cleaning your home easier.  Think twice before buying things in the future.  It will save you money.  It will help to save the earth.  Let the library, thrift store, or somewhere else be your "storage" unit and take care of the things you don't "need" to have yourself.

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