Saturday, April 19, 2014

Simple Savings: Travel

Traveling can be costly.  There are some things you can do to save money and still enjoy your trip.  While the Spendwise Moms use different ways to save money, we all try to cut costs.

One of us got a hotel credit card with 40,000 points as an introductory offer, and got a week of free hotel nights by finding a Doubletree hotel with very low points to stay there.  She also went to Disney World and spent only $30 for food for the whole week for her family.  They ate the free breakfast in the hotel and brought food with them for their other meals.  Some of the food was purchased with coupons on sale.  

Another one of us called the hotels for any special holiday rates.  Then she kept an eye on the prices and ended up getting a few nights at Hampton and Hilton Garden Inn hotels for an average of only $35 per night with a few points she had saved up from earlier purchases.  She plans plane flights when the prices are way down.  She also brings the amount of money budgeted for food in cash.  This helps her to be wise about purchases knowing that there is a limited amount for her to spend.

The third Spendwise Mom got a credit card that would give her two free round trip tickets.  They cancelled the card before it had to be renewed.  They stay with family or friends when driving and don't spend money on hotels, unless absolutely necessary.

Another way to save on travel costs is to limit eating out.  Bring a crock pot or a griddle to make food in a hotel room.  You can also use a microwave to cook food,if your hotel room has one.  If you go out to eat, go out for lunch instead of dinner.  It is less expensive in most cases and you can save your leftovers to eat for dinner.  Many hotels have breakfast included.  If so, make that your biggest meal of the day and be sure to eat a balanced meal.  We usually only need two meals a day if we eat a bigger breakfast in the morning.  Don't purchase food in theme parks, etc. since they are way overpriced.  Many places will let you bring granola bars, fruit, trail mix, etc., inside the park.  Make a budget for your trip and set a limit on how much you can spend on food and stay within that limit.  It is easy to gain weight on vacations because of overeating.  Save your stomach and your pocketbook by planning ahead and being wise.

Some places have "free days" for museums, art exhibits, etc.  Check into offers in the area for free activities or times when the prices are reduced.  Sometimes you can go for half price if you go after 4 in the afternoon, for example.

Air B&B is another place you can check into to save money on lodging.  I have never tried this myself, but I know others who have.

There are things you can do to reduce your traveling costs if you want to.  It is worth checking into if you have a little time.

What do you do to reduce travel costs?

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