Thursday, January 23, 2014

Simple Savings: Several Ways to Save

For years I have shared that one very easy and effective way to save money is to just use half as much.  You can still buy the products you want, but just use half as much as you normally use.  For example, when you wash clothes, use half as much soap.  When you wash your hair, use half as much shampoo.  When you wash the dishes, use half as much dish soap.  I can buy eco-friendly products this way because we use so little that they last a very long time.  I only use a Tablespoon of laundry soap and only a couple of teaspoons of dishwasher soap for each load.  We haven't had any problems getting things clean.  Even if you don't want to use expensive products, you can still save a bundle of money by using half as much:  half as much meat in your meals, half as much chocolate chips or nuts, etc.  Try it and reap the savings!

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