Thursday, September 12, 2013

Simple Savings: Stretching It Out

I have been working on a new challenge which I will write about at a later date, but I have learned a few things as I am doing this.  Here are a few ways to stretch out your food:

1.  Add water:  Whether it is juice or stew or chili, add additional water a little at a time.  Usually you can get away with adding up to a half can of water for juice and an additional cup of water for stew or chili.

2.  Cut it small:  Cut veggies into smaller pieces in stews, etc.  It makes you feel like you get more in your bowl when there are more potatoes or carrots even though they are just smaller.

3.  Divide ahead of time:  Figure out how many rolls or biscuits you need.  Divide the dough ahead of time or roll it thinner depending on what you are making.  I made biscuits this morning and usually we only make about 10.  I rolled the dough a little thinner and was able to get 20 out of the same dough.  Two thinner biscuits make you feel like you have more food than one big one.  I also did this yesterday with my roll dough.  Usually I just shape rolls and end up with however many I end up with, not worrying about size.  Yesterday, I needed to make 16 rolls out of a smaller amount of dough.  By dividing it ahead of time, I had enough for all the meals I wanted to use them for.

What are some ways that you stretch your food?

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