Friday, August 16, 2013

Conquer Clutter: Don't Let It In

As I have been doing some deep cleaning in my room and thought about why it is hard for people to get rid of stuff, I think the key is not to let it in the home at all.  Once it is in, we take "ownership" of it and then it is harder to get rid of.

Even if something is functional, if we don't need it then it is clutter.

Just because something is a good deal, if we don't need it then it is clutter.

Just because you like a piece of clothing, if it doesn't fit you and look good on you then it is clutter.

I have found that as I surround myself with only the things that I really need, use and enjoy, I feel like a burden is lifted and I feel free.  There is more time to do other things because it doesn't take as long to clean the house.  I started this "journey" two years ago when I decided that I was tired of having my home feel like a burden to clean and take care of.  Even when I think I have decluttered everything I need to, I still find things that I really don't need.  It is easier to let go the more you do it.  It is easier to make decisions when you know what you want.  Instead of deciding if it is useful or if you might need it someday or feeling guilty because someone you care for gave it to you, you can decide if it is something you really want and want to take care of.  If I had only learned this earlier in my life, I could have saved myself a lot of time and money and energy.  I am just glad I learned it now and can move forward making my life the way I want it to be instead of listening to what the marketers are telling me it should be.  I am much more careful deciding what comes into our home now.

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