Thursday, April 4, 2013

Conquer Clutter: Clutter Can Be Harmful

This subject wasn't something I was planning on writing about today, but after working in the yard and getting a sliver in my hand from the old shovel I was using I decided that it was worth addressing.  Sometimes keeping old stuff and not replacing it can be a problem.  In our quest for frugality, we hang on to things when they should have been let go.  My shovel incident was a minor one, but we know friends who's house burned down in another state because they were plugging in an old toaster and it caught fire and burned down the entire house.  A woman on the Hoarders television show fell down the stairs because of clutter left on them.  These are things that don't happen too often, but it can happen.  Are there things around your home that need to be replaced or discarded because they are too old, broken or don't work properly?  How about cords?  Old appliances, lamps or tools?  Is there any clutter in your home that is a hazard? 

I am going to add a shovel to my list of One Less Thing a Day.  Anyone want an old shovel?  Splinters are included!

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