Saturday, March 16, 2013

Conquer Clutter: Plastic & other Food Containers

Recently I have had the opportunity to help several people with decluttering their homes.  One thing I have noticed in some homes is the overwhelming amount of plastic containers, glass containers, etc. from food that has been consumed.  It is nice to have containers around, especially so you can use them instead of plastic bags, but you only need so many.  When was the last time you matched up your containers to lids?  Do you use the many containers that are taking up space in your home?  Do you have coloring inside some of the containers or parts that have been damaged from putting them in the microwave?  Why not recycle some and help your cupboard to be neat and clean and easy to find what you really need.  It is wise to be frugal and careful, but you don't need to keep every container that has some use in it to accomplish that. 


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  2. I am glad you enjoyed the post. I hope you feel free to share any ideas you have done with all of us too!