Saturday, March 23, 2013

$21 Dollar Grocery Challenge: $1 a Day Per Person

This week, I am only spending $21 on groceries.  Since there are three of us currently living in our household, that is one dollar per day per person.  This is an incentive to use up some of what I have in the fridge, freezer and cupboards.  I am not using coupons.  I am just buying what I regularly do, but less of it.  Food waste is a big problem in America.  There are different reasons for this, but I believe that two of the reasons are because it is easy to over buy and easy not to plan effectively to use what we do buy before it spoils. 

An article I read said that "one billion people in the world live on $1 per day to feed themselves.  Of that billion, 162 million are living on 50 cents per day."   This challenge is nothing compared to what those people face, especially since I have plenty of food in the house that could easily cover all our meals and it really isn't much of a sacrifice for us at all.

PLEASE JOIN ME IF YOU WANT TO.  You can use the money you save to pay off debt, have a special date with your spouse, do something kind for someone else, stock up on staples that are running low, or what ever you want! 

I bought the following:

Carrots  2.49
Parmesan Cheese  2.59
Cucumber (English)  1.19
Eggs  2.39
Organic Apples  4.99
Yukon Gold Potatoes  1.99
Organic Feta Cheese  3.99
Cream Cheese  88 cents
10 Tillamook yogurts  12 cents (I got back a coupon for cash towards my next order when buying toilet paper)

Total:  20.63 

I could have skipped some organics, but I got what I wanted.  I had enough other foods at home to fill in for balanced meals.  I had organic milk and orange juice in the freezer, as well as fruits and veggies.  The only difficult thing for me was not getting more fresh produce.  I could have made a more detailed menu and shopped more carefully, but it worked out. 

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