Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Simple Savings: Ditch the Storage Unit

We have never had a storage unit, but I have helped several people declutter their units and have talked with many people who have had them.  I wouldn't even consider this a simple savings.  Getting rid of a storage unit is a substantial savings.  A lot of people just forget about what is in their storage unit and continue to pay thousands of dollars for stuff that they don't want enough to put in their own homes.  One lady I helped had a storage unit for 15 years at 80 dollars a month.  You do the math.  In the end, they had to move quickly and Goodwill ended up coming and just taking it all.  I talked to an older man at a garage sale once who said that he had wasted a lot of money paying for a storage unit for 28 years and now he is just getting rid of it all.  There is even a television show where people bid on storage units that people have forgotten about or stopped paying for.  If you have anything in a storage unit of value, keep it in your own home.  Get rid of the excess stuff and save yourself 50-100 dollars a month. 

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