Friday, February 8, 2013

Simple Savings: Ask Your Doctor for Samples

When my husband was in graduate school, our two oldest kids had a lot of ear infections.  When one medicine wouldn't work, they would try another until one would finally work.  The only problem was that the medicines that worked were very expensive.  On an income of $12,000 per year, that just wasn't in the budget.  We had a doctor that offered to give us samples whenever he could if he had them.  It saved us so much money and I was so grateful for his willingness to do it.  I didn't realize before then that doctors are given samples so that they can give them to patients.  I guess it is like when you go to the dentist office and you get a free sample of floss and toothpaste.  It is just another way companies market their products hoping that you will buy/use the same brand in the future.  So, next time you go to the doctor and they want you to try a new medication or if you can't afford the prescription you need, ask the doctor if they have free samples. 

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