Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Master the Mess in a Month - Day 6

Today was the front room.  We keep this room pretty clean, so it was another easy day.  Here are pictures:

I think it is a good idea to have one room in your house that is kept presentable, just in case you have friends drop in unexpectedly.  I like having our front room clean and uncluttered because it is a peaceful place to read a book or visit with family and friends.  It may be hard to have a room that you can keep mostly clean if you live in an apartment or have small kids.  Figure out what works best for you.  If all else fails, remember that people come to see you and not your house.  I had a friend that told people not to come to her house before 11:00 or she wouldn't let them in.  She had an exercise and cleaning routine and after 11 she was available for guests. 

I will also go through our coat closet in the front hall today.  I cleaned it out about a month ago, so there shouldn't be much to do, but there may be something in there that we don't need!  I have the gloves and hats in a basket on the floor, snow pants and coats on hangers, boots on the floor, and wool socks and scarves on the top shelf.  Last month, I checked to make sure we had pairs of gloves, etc. and that everyone liked the things we have.  I got rid of the single items then.  For those with kids, it may be a good idea to buy several pairs of the same kinds of gloves for them.  That way, if you loose one, you have another of the same kind that it will match.   

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