Monday, January 7, 2013

Master the Mess in a Month: Day 5

I didn't post on Saturday because I was sick, and you know you are really sick when you would rather do housework than lay down and rest.  I picked a really easy room today because I am still feeling terrible, but knew that I would go crazy if I didn't do something productive.  It only took me 10-15 minutes to clean the bathroom and go through the drawers and wipe them out.  I keep extra personal care items in the drawers.  One drawer has deodorant, another drawer has contact solution, Q-tips and sunscreen, another drawer has toothpaste, floss and toothbrushes, another drawer has extra Kleenex, one drawer has a hairbrush and elastic bands and the last drawer has hair cutting supplies.  I like to always have extras on hand for when things run out.  Under the sink, I keep extra toilet paper and a large container of soft soap to refill the soap containers when necessary.  Since we don't use this bathroom on a regular basis, it is a good place to keep extra items.  Everything is organized and hidden away, so the bathroom always looks uncluttered.  I go shopping for household/personal care items once a month.  It is really easy to see what I need by taking a quick look through the drawers.  Everything has a place and I know exactly where to find it.
I also planned to do the linen closet on the same day as the guest bathroom.  It took maybe 5 minutes.  I am glad I am done with decluttering for the day! 

The thing you may notice when you start to declutter, is that it doesn't take as much time as you think it will.  Half the battle is just getting started.  By making a plan and following it, you are taking a lot of the emotion out of it and can get right to work.

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