Monday, January 14, 2013

Master the Mess in a Month: Day 11

You may wonder why I am doing this challenge.  Believe me, I wonder sometimes, too!  I am doing this challenge to help me get through the house in an organized way and get rid of any excess things we don't need and clean at the same time.  Not every paper will be in its proper place and we won't get rid of everything that we possibly could.  There will be things that I go through later and get rid.  Conquering clutter is an ongoing process just like dishes and laundry.  It's also like peeling an onion one layer at a time.  Each time I go through a room, there is less and less to get rid of.  I can make my home as clutter free as I can to make cleaning it much easier and taking care of it easier too.  Housework doesn't have to be a burden.  When we simplify our lives and our things, we have more freedom to do things we want to.  It certainly won't take me all month to get through everything.  I can either take some days off or just finish early.  I estimated more generously in the days assigned for each room and things have gone by much more quickly than expected.  It doesn't take very long in the day to accomplish my task, because things were already in pretty good shape when I started.  For those of you who may have more clutter than I do, don't get discouraged.  Take it as fast or slow as you need to and just keep going.    

Today was the storage room.  We have some extra canned goods here in this room in case of an emergency.  I went through them, put dates on the ones that didn't have them and took a mental inventory of what we have and what we need.  Things that will expire in the next 4 months were taken upstairs to use before their expiration date. 

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