Monday, October 29, 2012

Ideas to Cut Down on Clutter

Photo from Elizabeth Hagen Inspires

I was reading a post on Miss Minimalist this morning that talked about some different ways someone learned to declutter.  I thought they were worth sharing:

1.  If you can't remember what you have, maybe you don't need it.  When cleaning out a junk drawer or craft drawer or any pile of things, put them in a box in the other room.  Write down the things you remember were in the box.  Anything you remember can come back into the drawer.  Anything you don't remember can be put in the trash/donation pile. 

2.  When traveling, think twice about bringing expensive items like computers, etc.  Sometimes they end up getting stolen.  Many hotels and libraries have computer access if you need it.

3.  Try buying or checking out ONE book at a time.  When you are done with it, trade it in for the new book. 

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