Monday, October 1, 2012

$50 Grocery Challenge - Spent $46.20

This is what I got from Bountiful Baskets for $16.50 this week.

I also bought the following at Rosauer's:

Butternut squash   1.48
Spaghetti squash   1.30
Bob's brown rice hot cereal   26 cents
Buckwheat groats   73 cents
Bob's 8 grain cereal  17 cents
Red pepper flakes   8 cents
Oat bran   85 cents
Sea Salt  24 cents

Total:  5.11  I love buying things from the bulk bins where you can choose how much of something you want and also try new things and get just a little to try it.

I bought the following at Town and Country:

Lemons  3 at 44 cents each or 1.32
Guiltless organic blue chips   2.61  (bet you can't guess why they are already opened)
Organic skim milk   3.49
Organic buttermilk  2.79
Organic Feta Cheese   3.99
Tillamook sour cream  1.79
Rumiano Jack cheese   2 at 1.88 each
Local farm eggs   3.79
Celery  11 cents
Potatoes in bulk  94 cents

Total $24.59

I still have 3.80 left which might cover some Parmesan cheese or something else if I want it later in the week.

Did you stay in your budget or get any good deals this week?  Link up and share!


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  1. I am still looking for a bulk place to do that too!!! It is so cool especially for things that you don't need tons of :)