Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Monthly Challenge for September: Middle Eastern Meals

For the challenge this month, I am going to try Middle Eastern meals. We went out to eat at a restaurant last week, and it made me realize how much I enjoy the Mediterranean Cuisine. I have some Moroccan Lentils cooking right now and they smell great. I don't like lentils, and would be happy to never eat them again, but this recipe is an exception. I guess the spicing is the thing that makes the difference. I made some Pita bread to go along with it. If you want to try something different this week, or if you are a vegetarian, this would be a great dish to try. If you can deal with the video, it is worth eating the recipe. I had to cook the lentils longer and add a lot more water.


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    1. Thanks. What a nice comment to read this morning! I am glad you stopped by! Have a nice day.