Thursday, September 6, 2012

Finding Treasure Among the Clutter

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I spent some time today cutting down the old raspberry canes and there in front of me was one cane with some raspberries on it. I thought they were all gone for the year.

This made me think of how we can relate this to our own homes. Sometimes we can't find the things that are valuable or important, because we have too much clutter around hiding it so we can't see it. Maybe there is a special note hidden among a pile of papers or some gold jewelry you never wear tucked way back in your drawer that you can sell to buy something else you really want. Maybe you will find the scissors that have been missing for a while or the lost shoe to your favorite pair. Maybe you have a piece of clothing that looks great on you buried under a pile of clothes to be ironed. Maybe you have an unpaid credit card bill that you will have to pay interest on if you don't get it sent right away. Maybe fines are adding up for a DVD that you haven't returned or a library book you forgot that you had.

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Take a few minutes and tackle a drawer or pile in your home. Maybe you will find something important or a lost treasure!

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