Friday, September 7, 2012

30 things to know about money by age 30

I saw this awesome article in the USAA magazine. The page before is also helpful if you're trying to set a reasonable budget!

Read it here!

The one tip that really resonated with me was #30... Things should get easier. Right now, we are saving for a house, emergency fund, retirement, and all of the necessary expenses that come with kids! Sometimes I get a little discouraged, especially when I think about how long it is going to take, even with a budget that is pretty slim by most standards.

What about you? What was your favorite tip? Or...the one that was a wake up call for you?

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  1. I realized in 4 years i will be 40 years old.. I still have debt to pay off, and the dream of buying a home along with having a decent sized 401k and fully funded emergency fund in the bank. I am someone paniciky but.. if i still to my plan i will have everything accomplished in 2 years...I cant be 40 still trying to figure this out! :)