Monday, May 21, 2012

Statistics to Consider

I saw this infograph from Kaleazy on the internet and thought I would post it because it was interesting to see the evolution of households from 1950 until now.

Infographic: The Evolution of the U.S. Household (1950s to Today)
Apr 2011 13
Family life was very different in the Fifties. For starters, it was probably a two parent household. Divorce was uncommon (mainly due to societal pressures) so almost 90% of families had a husband and a wife present. People just didn’t like to live alone. Only 9% of homes had a single occupant in 1950, whereas today that number is far over 25%. Also, Mom was probably younger than today. Both the number of women in the workforce and the median household income have nearly doubled since the 1950s (even after accounting for inflation). This detailed infographic shows the cultural evolution of the U.S. household from the 1950′s until today.

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