Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Simple Savings: Reusable instead of Disposable

My teenage son asked me to buy him some disposable razor cartridges which can be very pricy.  I couldn't get myself to spend the money on it.  Instead, I told him that he should get used to an electric razor since it could save him a lot of money through time.  He has one, and chose to go that route instead of pursuing the disposable route.  My husband and I have used electric razors for years.  It isn't as close of a shave, but you also don't have to deal with getting nicked and you save money.  How many things can we change to be more ecofriendly and save money? 
1.  Use cloth bags for shopping instead of plastic.
2.  Use plastic containers that you can wash instead of plastic bags.
3.  Reuse a water bottle instead of buying packages of water bottles and throwing out or recycling the bottles each time.
4.  Take a lunch box instead of using paper bags.
5.  Use regular dishes to eat on instead of paper dinnerware.
6.  Take you own reusable container with you for leftovers when you go out to eat.
7.  Use a foil ball in the dryer instead of dryer sheets.

What other ideas do you have?


  1. That's a good list. Next time I need razor blades, I'll definitely look into an electric razor.
    To add to your list, rags, cloth napkins, towels to replace paper towels /napkins. Cloth diapers and cloth wipes. Rechargeable batteries.
    Would trying to reuse something "disposable " count? Such as keeping glass jars, or using can jars (like soup comes in) to hold pens, etc?

  2. Great ideas! I am not as good at keeping things like glass jars from items bought in the store. I like to have things match, so I just use and keep my canning jars and recycle the rest when I can. It is good for all of use to be more aware of our impact on the earth though our habits. Thanks for the good ideas!