Monday, April 16, 2012

$50 Weekly Grocery Challenge - $53.47

This post is very late and I don't have pictures, but here it the breakdown for shopping this week:

Apples 5.86
Kiwis Three at 33 cents each
Avocados - Two at 50 cents each
Grapefruit Twelve at 44 cents each
Red Grapes 1.96
Blueberries 2.50
Grill Pack Chicken, no hormones 3.75
Tillamook Light Sour Cream 1.79
Organic Valley Skim Milk - Two at 3.69 each
Cran-raspberry Juice 1.99
Broccoli 84 cents
Grape tomatoes 99 cents
Green Chilies, canned - Three at 65 cents each
Butter 2.49
Tillamook cheese, different varieties - Three at 2.39 each
Oranges 93 cents
Granny Smith Apples 76 cents
Red onion 58 cents
Yellow Onion 45 cents
Farm Eggs, dozen 2.99
Bananas 90 cents
Tomatoes 92 cents

Grand Total: 53.47

Looks like I went over! I should have added it up before I went and bought an extra half gallon of milk and the cranberry juice. I could have skipped the trip and stayed in my budget! It has been a busy week, so I really don't care. The food will easily last for half of this week as well as last week.

How did you do on your grocery shopping this week? Did you get any good deals or stay in your budget?

1 comment:

  1. You got a lot of good stuff. I wouldn't sweat the extra $3.47. You've been under budget on other weeks.:)

    So far I am staying on budget. I hope I come in at or under at month end.