Wednesday, March 7, 2012

$50 Grocery Challenge - Spent $48.13

I wasn't planning on doing any shopping yet, but I couldn't find a parking place today so I just went to get a few basic things I knew we would use. I got the following:

Organic carrots 1.19 each (bought 2)
Tropicana Orange Juice 1.99
Local farm milk 2.59
Parmesan Cheese 2.59
Romano Cheese 2.59
Yocrunch yogurt .33 each (bought 3 for husband)
Organic Romaine Hearts 2.00
Oranges 1.24
Tomatoes .75
Organic Bananas 1.91

First stop total of $19.03

I will have to post a photo later for the next part, but here it is:

Buttermilk 39 cents
Bacon 92 cents
Italian Sausage 92 cents
Chorizo sausage 86 cents
Smoked Sausage 1.92
Prarie Sausage 1.92
Boneless chicken 3.23
Boneless chicken 3.21
Broccoli crowns 1.07
Cucumber 59 cents
Grapes 1.56
Green pepper 59 cents
Spinach - fresh bunch 1.19
Organic Scotch Oatmeal 34 cents

Total for this trip: $18.71

Third trip: Will put picture up later, too.

Orzo - Three packages at 1.28 each
Nestle Dark Chocolate Chips 2.68
Great Value parboiled rice 1.68
6 Grapefruit @ 33 cents each - traded back rotten pineapple so no cost
2 kiwi fruits - traded back rotten pineapple so no cost
Arborio Organic Rice 2.19

Total: $10.39

Grand Total: $48.13

How did you do this week? Did you get some good deals or stay in your budget? Link up and share!

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