Friday, February 10, 2012

Conquer Clutter: Kids' Rooms

One challenge for most mothers is helping their kids keep their rooms clean. One question to ask yourself is, "Who bought all this stuff?" Many times the source is ourselves. We are the ones that buy too much for our kids and then get frustrated when their rooms get messy. So, there are two things we can do: help the kids declutter the stuff we already have and be wise about the amount of stuff we bring into the house. I know from personal example that I have no one to blame but myself, at least until the kids are old enough to have a job and buy things for themselves. Looking back, there were a few toys that stood the test of time: Legos and Playmobil. I would still buy some of our very favorite books, but use the library to check out most of the books we read. I would also buy a few games because I think they can teach family members how to take turns and how to be a good sport. I have been guilty of buying too much for our only grandchild. I have tried to cut back, and even send money instead of gifts sometimes. But, when I do buy something, our daughters know that they can do what they want with it. If they don't want any of it, they can just get rid of it. I choose not to take it personally because they should be able to decide what is best for them and for their family. I had my turn to choose with my own kids. It is the thought that counts and they shouldn't have to keep anything they don't want. I should be wise enough to ask them what they want or need before purchasing gifts so they don't end up being clutter for them or a waste of money for me.

What do you do to keep your kids' rooms clean? Link up and share!

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