Saturday, January 28, 2012

Simple Savings: Shop at Home

Before you go hit the mall or the grocery store, try shopping from home. Look in your closet to see if there is a shirt or dress that you haven't worn in a while. Pull it out and wear it and save yourself the money you would have spent on something new. Before you buy furniture, see what you have at home. Maybe you can switch lamps or put that extra dresser in another room where it is needed. Changing the furniture around gives you a new look and feel, and it doesn't cost any money! Is it time for dinner and the cupboards are looking a little bare? Don't go out to eat and spend a lot of money, open a can of soup and make some grilled cheese to go with it. Use your imagination to make a meal with what you have on hand. That 25 dollars or more that you would have spent going out to eat can go towards stocking up those cupboards.

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