Monday, December 26, 2011

Which Plastics are Safe?

I have grown up using lots of plastic things: glasses, baby bottles, Ziploc bags, grocery bags, containers, Tupperware, etc. Since we have been making steps to leave less of a carbon footprint the past few months, we have cut down our plastic use by at least 50-75%. It is hard to change directions after using something for so long, so I found a chart to see which plastics are safe and which are not. As I go through my cupboards and do my regular cleaning, I am going to check the numbers on the plastic items I have and get rid of the ones that have toxins. I also will try to avoid buying meats and cheeses in in a cling wrap, since that is one of the bad plastics. (#3) The worst ones are #3, #6, and #7. Another thing we have tried to change is to not microwave in plastic containers. At home, we are good about this. I enjoy going out to eat, but some of the containers they use to bring home leftovers or some of the papers they wrap food in at some places is also not good. Eating at home sounds more appealing when you think of the extra trash, the types of containers used and not knowing what exactly is in your food when you go out!

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