Saturday, December 17, 2011

Simple Savings: Max out Insurance Benefits

Did you know many insurance benefits expire at the end of the year? For example, I just found out that I can get a free eye exam and lenses every year through our insurance! So, rather than waiting a few more weeks to get myself a pair of glasses, by acting now, I will be able to get twice as many lenses and exams, completely for free! And, while I don't know that I would have gotten them anyways, it will be nice to have a backup pair of glasses in case I break or lose them. If nothing else, I can leave a pair in the car so I know they are always there when I drive.

One thing I really like about our particular insurance is that anything preventative is free. And, when you are going to the doctor, dentist, and eye doctor every year, you can save a lot of money in the long run. You can avoid cavities, catch major diseases (like cancer, high blood pressure, etc) and problems early. Obviously, there are lots of other health benefits, too!

Since it is still 2011, double check your benefits so you can get the most out of them! Check your vision, dental, and even your health insurance before the year ends and see if you

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