Monday, December 12, 2011

Get Rid of Things that are Out of Date

I was reading a post on another blog this morning and thought of something that I really haven't paid attention to before. She mentioned to get rid of non-fiction books where the information is out of date. We went through our files during the summer and got them all up to date and got rid of any paperwork that we didn't need for taxes. As I read this post, I thought of some of the clothes I have in my closet and some of the books I have and wondered if I had things that were out of date. I wore some pants this past weekend that fit, but they didn't look really good on me. They were definitely out of date, but I had a sweater that covered the top of them. Maybe it is time to get rid of them. I have cut down the amount of clothing I have to a minimum, so why not make sure the things I have are things I look good in and feel good about myself when I wear them. I got rid of lots of books, but I think I will look over the ones I have and see if they are out of date. I am not guilty of keeping any college books that I might need some day, but if any of you out there have some books hanging around that you don't use or are out of date then go through and get rid of them. Who knows, maybe you can get some Amazon credit or some money from Barnes and Noble or another textbook company. You can still have the great memories of college without having to keep the textbooks to remind you. My son in law is great about selling his older electronic things while people still want them. Textbooks are the same. If you sell them before the next edition comes out, you can get money. If you wait too long, then you won't get a return on your investment. If you have a few minutes today, see if you have any outdated things that can find a new home.

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