Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Menu for the Week - Nov. 2-8

Here we go again with the sideways picture again. I am sorry! I cleaned out my pantry today and gathered the boxes of pasta with a little left in them and some dry beans that need to be used and a few other things and we will plan the menu this week around what needs to be used. Yesterday I cleaned out the fridge, so I know exactly what is in there. I spent the morning finishing most of the apples we had left and made apple pie filling for the Holidays. I only left enough apples to make one coffee cake that we really like. It just started to snow outside and we still have carrots and beets in the ground. We better get those out this weekend! I have one more food cupboard and the pantry downstairs to go through. I go through our food every year at this time to donate things to the food bank. This year, I will let my son, who just started college, have the first right of refusal. Then I will donate what is left to others in time for the holidays. As we focus on gratitude, family and our blessings at this time of year, I feel like this is something I can do to give back. I can also get an idea of what we are using and what we don't use at much. If I have too much left, we will donate them before they expire so someone else can enjoy them. We could eat them all ourselves, but I enjoy donating to help others. We also did this during Christmas time when our kids were young. We would go through their toys and see what they were willing to donate to others before they get something for Christmas themselves. Here is the menu for the week:

Stuffed Shells
Red Beans and Rice
Tacos w/homemade tortillas and refried black beans
Tamale pie
Greek concoction with pasta, olives, feta, spinach and tomatoes

This will be plenty of food for us for the week, even though there are only 6 dinners. I also have bagels, rolls and pizza bread in the freezer for lunches.

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