Friday, October 28, 2011

The Story of Stuff

If you have 22 minutes, it would be well worth your time to watch this video about "The Story of Stuff". Maybe you can put it on during your lunch break or listen while you are making dinner or doing dishes. It makes me want to do a challenge to stop buying anything new except for food and other necessities. I don't buy much now, but I could buy even less. I wish I had learned about this stuff 10 yeas ago. It makes me sick to think of what I have contributed to all of this. I have tried doing some things to be more eco-friendly, but I am going to talk to my family and see what else they think we should do to do a better job in our home.

When you listen to the government tell you to buy more, I hope you will think twice and see that their short term solution isn't the answer. It creates problems just like buying stuff on a credit card does when you don't have the cash. People who do that don't think of the long term consequences to their actions.

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