Thursday, September 1, 2011

$50 Grocery Challenge: Spent $183.75?

It's been a big week for groceries. We recently went on vacation, and when we came back, I felt like we had nothing in the house or in the refrigerator. So, I decided I wanted to try buying groceries for a whole month, except for a few perishable items, in one big shopping trip. I actually will be making freezer meals with all of this food, but won't be posting about it until next month!

I went to Wal-mart, Costco, and King Soopers. At Costco, I spent $66.64, Wal-mart, I spent $99.98, and at King Soopers I spent 16.23. I didn't take pictures, but I'll give you an idea of what I bought, and if you are interested in my meal plan (which has already changed since I made it) just email me and I can send you the ingredient list and meals.

Costco: 25 lbs rice, box of corn, 10 lbs carrots, 10 lbs onions, salad, tortillas, lunchmeat, cheese, crushed tomatoes (I got one of the huge cans and will use it any time I have a recipe that calls for canned tomatoes or tomato sauce. It is a much better deal than buying individual cans!)

Wal-mart: olives, salsa, campbell's cream soups, green enchilada sauce, bell peppers, pork roast, broccoli, ground beef, sour cream, lime juice, lots of pasta (lasagna, lingu: ini, fettucini, small shells, spaghetti), alfredo sauce, ramen noodles, italian dressing, refried beans, green beans, parmesan cheese, 10 lbs chicken, 10 lbs ground beef, mexican rice mix, tomato paste, chicken broth, milk (2), cranberry juice, tuna, and kidney beans.

King Soopers: Chocolate milk, cornmeal, Ice cream (2!), Raspberries (This trip was definitely a splurge- we went late at night and were hungry).

I spent the first two days cooking up a storm. Actually, most of the work I did was cutting, and it didn't take me nearly as long as I thought it would! As I mentioned before, I will be posting about these next month. I'll give you my 'plan', what actually happened, and what ingredients I bought.

As far as the rest of the month, there are 5 Wednesdays, $50 each= $250. $250-what I've already spent/5 weeks = $13.25 a week for milk, eggs, and produce. I think it will be hard for me to adjust to only getting a few items at the store, but I don't know: maybe I will like this better!

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