Saturday, August 20, 2011

Simple Savings: Rent It instead of Buying It

I am amazed at the amount of videos, DVD's, CD's, and books that people own.  It is like we have to own our own copy of everything.  Don't get my wrong.  I am not willing to give up my 6 Jane Austen movies or Under the Greenwood Tree.  I can't imagine our household without the complete Star Wars collection.  I enjoy watching some movies over and over, but I don't buy every movie that comes out.  I rent movies first and we keep our DVD collection down to whatever can fit in one 2-3 foot drawer.  Redbox is great for renting new releases.  You can get them for only $1 overnight.  You can even reserve them ahead of time on the internet.  Just remember to return them on time, or you will end up paying more.  I find that I don't want to own most movies I have seen.  I save a lot of money and don't have as many things in my house by using Netflix for older movies, Redbox occasionally for new movies, and the library for whatever I can find or special orders if I want a certain foreign film I can't find in town.  I check out books and read them and only buy the ones that I really can't live without.  Our family reads a lot, so I would go broke if I bought each book we read.  I don't mind NOT having to dust a lot of books.  I can enjoy the benefits of reading without the responsibility of ownership.  So, next time you reach to buy the newest movie or book, stop and ask yourself if you really want it even if you can afford to buy it. 

What are some other ideas you have about things you can rent instead of buy?

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