Wednesday, July 27, 2011

$50 Grocery Challenge - Spent $49.40

My camera was working for a while, but now we are back to the sideways picture again.  Sorry!  I went to Rosauer's and Town and Country and spent the following:

1.74   Naturally Nested Eggs
1.79    Donald Duck Orange Juice
3.98    2 La Victoria Salsa Verde   
1.79    Light Sour Cream Tilamook
1.55    German Bratwurst - I let my daughter choose this even though it wasn't on the list
1.89    Hot Italian sausage
1.68    Mild Italian sausage
1.50    Blueberries
1.62    Grapes
2.99    Strawberries
3.79    Rye berries in bulk

Total at Rosauer's was $24.32  - I didn't get peaches because they were way too hard

Town and Country

4.09    Poppy seeds - they only had a huge bag!
1.65    Garlic Powder
1.45    Ginger
3.99    Mayonnaise
1.30    Green Chilies - 2 (I got an extra green chili salsa that I will use in place of the other 2 cans of chilies)
2.38    2 bags carrots - They were supposed to be 69 cents but I didn't catch it since I was trying to stay in             my limit.  I could have bought an extra bag of carrots and another can of chilies if I had caught it.)
  .56    Bananas - marked down
1.50    Large Avacado
  .08    Jalapeno pepper - got this instead of a can since it was much cheaper
1.76   Hidden Valley Ranch powder
2.19    Tilamook shredded Italian cheese
  .67    2 one cup cartons of buttermilk
2.95    Cardini's Italian dressing
  .51    Garlic in bulk

Total at Town and Country was $25.08

Grand total was $49.40

How was your shopping trip this week?  Did you get some great deals or stay in your budget?

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