Friday, May 20, 2011

$50 Grocery Challenge - Spent $49.83

This is what I got for my money this week.  I would have liked to get more produce, but I ran across a great sale on creamed honey and ended up getting 7 since I could get them for $2 each.  I will have to pull out the frozen veggies this week, I guess!  We will also have to stretch last week's milk or make some powdered milk because I had to put back the gallon I was going to buy this week.  It would have put me over my limit. 


2.07     (3) one pound packages of carrots
4.38     (2) 8 oz. packages of Tilamook shredded cheese
  .47     2.36 lbs. reduced bananas
2.00     (6) grapefruits at 3/$1.00
1.16     2.98 lbs. yellow onions
1.00     (3) lemons
4.81     6.97 lbs. gala apples
2.50     Orange Juice - Tropicana
1.84     Ricotta cheese - Frigo
14.00    (7) containers of Sue Bee Creamed Honey
1.58     Tilamook Sour Cream
1.98     (2) pkgs. Mission Tortillas - one white, one wheat
3.79     Boneless Jennie - O Turkey Breast
2.00     Organic baby Romaine lettuce in package
1.85     Cantaloupe
3.00     (2) pkgs. Strawberries at 1.50 per package
1.46     Tomatoes on the Vine  ( .98 lbs.)

Total $49.83

How did you do this week?  Link up and share!  We would love to see your great deals or see what you got in the budget you set for yourself!

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