Friday, February 18, 2011

Simple Savings: Clean Out the Fridge Before Shopping!

I need to go shopping today. Before going, I usually clean out my fridge. There are several good reasons to do it before shopping. First, it is easier to clean an empty fridge than a full one. Second, you can see what you have in the fridge and know what needs to be used before it spoils. You can incorporate this items in your menu for the week. Third, by knowing what you have, you can avoid buying something you already have. You can use the money to buy something else instead of duplicating what you already have. This also helps to reduce food waste by not buying more than you need.

If you have a lot of leftovers in your fridge, think about freezing some for future meals or lunches. Also, think about putting all the leftovers on one shelf so you know exactly where they are and can see what you need to use before it spoils.
Do the same for your freezer. See what you have and what needs to be used. Plan meals around the items that you need to use up.

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