Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Label Dates on Pantry Items to avoid expired Items

I was organizing my pantry this morning and it was really easy to know what needed to be used because I label the dates in a marker that makes them very easy to see.  You can see an example below:

 As you can tell, I got a lot of brownie mixes and cookie mixes.  Besides getting them for 50 cents or less, and many of them free, there is a good explanation for it.  One of my kids is making treats almost every week for one of his classes in school.  If I were to buy the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies, it would cost me more for just the chocolate chips than the 50 cents or less for the mix .   Also, the mix is easy and fast so he can do it on his own. I put the latest date at the bottom or in the back and the closest to expiration on the top or in the front.

I am very low on fruits and tuna and want to just go buy a lot, but I am going to be good about trying to just stick to $5 a week and see if I can keep things replaced as I use them.  I have a few processed or quick foods but I get those only if they are free or close to free. 

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