Monday, February 11, 2013

Inexpensive Valentines Ideas From Your Kitchen - Heart Shaped Quesadillas

Between now and Valentine's Day, I decided to do a series of inexpensive ideas you can make in your kitchen.  Of course, the one time you want everything to turn out it doesn't, but at least you will get the idea.
First of all, get a piece of paper and cut a heart out whatever size you want.

Next, cut roll out your tortilla dough and place the heart on top.  Here is my favorite recipe for tortillas that you can use if you don't have your own.  Cut out the dough using the paper as a pattern.  This is important if you are making a quesadilla and want both sides to be the same.  My tortilla dough turned out too dry, but you get the idea.

Cook your tortillas over the stove in a non-stick pan until it is lightly brown.  If you are making a quesadilla, cook both tortillas before you put the filling in.  After you fill the tortillas, put back in the frying pan and cook until cheese melts.  I made steak and cheese because I got free steak yesterday, but you can make whatever you want.  I usually put a pan lid on top of it to help it cook more evenly. 
When it is done cooking, put it on a plate.  Don't you love how one of the tortillas is a bit smaller?  I should have just cut the uneven part after it cooked to make it match up. If you don't make it too big, you can add some sides like beans and spanish rice.

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